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elsewhere || “Lydia Davis Breaks It Down” at POC-Metakritiko

My kind-of review of Break It Down, short story collection of Lydia Davis [included in The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis], is up on Metakritiko at The Philippine Online Chronicles: “Lydia Davis Breaks It Down.” Well. That’s all, really. I mean, click, if you’re so inclined. I like this collection, though with reservations. And I […]

marginalia || There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby: Scary Fairy Tales, by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya; selected and translated by Keith Gessen and Anna Summers

I don’t know when I first heard of the “scary fairy tales” of Ludmilla Petrushevskaya. I’ve seen the cover of her book here and there in the blogosphere [how could you forget a cover like that?]; and when I saw There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby in the bookstore, […]

marginalia || Legend of a Suicide, by David Vann

That night, late, his father wept again. He talked to himself in small whispers that sounded like whining as he cried and Roy couldn’t make out what he said or fathom what his father’s pain was or where it came from. The things his father said to himself only made him weep harder, as if […]

marginalia || The Whole Story and Other Stories, by Ali Smith

We made love. We spent the rest of the morning making it, then some of the afternoon. We began when you pressed my thighs apart with a pressure so subtle and so sure that it caught me by surprise and stopped me in mid-sentence. I breathed in, and you slid between them and traced with […]

marginalia || The Brutal Language of Love, by Alicia Erian

A long time ago, as I was traipsing along the depths of the internet, I found a quote that made my soul go all a-flutter; it’s stuck to me ever since—parts of it, I’ve discovered I have already memorized: But Penny resisted him. He was hers for the taking, and this was the problem. Love was […]

marginalia || Open Secrets, by Alice Munro

Another collection of interwoven stories: Open Secrets, from an old favorite of mine–considered the doyenne (hate that word) of short stories, Alice Munro. From Harold Brodkey to Alice Munro, a rather jarring transition: Munro is just so calm. I’ve never noticed that about Munro’s stories–and I’ve been reading her for years–but these ones were just […]

marginalia || The World is the Home of Love and Death, by Harold Brodkey

To propose a reality as story rather than a story as reality might at least remind you what a prior thing experience is. And how we hide it in stories. [. . .] I can see why people prefer characters to have the abstract bodies of conventional references, to be bronze in that sense, and not […]

Short Story Month 2010

Since May rolled in, I’ve been immersed in reading short fiction, mostly from collections that have been on my “Currently Reading” list since forever. Partly because there’s far too many items on that list these days, mostly because May is supposedly Short Story Month. It was, last year. Heh. At the time that I posted […]