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Stuff I’ve Been Reading While I Disappeared from the Glittery World of the Intarwebz

It’s definitely an improvement: I’m guilty about abandoning this blog for fewer hours in a day. The usual excuses: Work’s been crazier than ever, I like sleeping, I like reading, I am lazy, blah and blah. Still, though, I owe it to my O.C. tendencies to kick-start this blog with a moratorium of the books […]

“This book tells the story of humanity’s most intimate exchange.”

The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us by Sheril Kirshenbaum I bought—and read almost immediately—this book because the moment I saw it, I reached up and mumbled, “This is relevant to my interests. I need this in my life.” Flashback to about two years ago, Sasha scouring the web looking for facts […]

Hello, from the Glittery Land of Lazy Bloggers

I hereby drag myself out of the muck of the Glittery Land of Lazy Bloggers to publish this post. Although I love this space—after more than a year, still trying to figure out how to wiggle around here, actually—I do hate feeling like blogging is a job, egads and when the thought of attempting to […]

On Mapping the Mind by Rita Carter

Because I am a curious goat, one easily awed by pictures of squiggly lines meant to represent my brain, I read the new, comprehensively updated edition of Rita Carter’s Mapping the Mind. Turns out, it’s a rich depository of facts, aiming to shed some light on the shadow-y areas of our humanity—the mind. Carter offers […]