Three Different Books, Three Different Kinds of Silences I Need to Break

Because sometimes, I don't have the words. And sometimes, what words I have are inadequate. And sometimes, I just want to keep on lying down, with a look of horror / loneliness / disappointment on my face, intent on just letting it all soak in. I like these books, for different reasons -- the emotional [...]

marginalia || Young Hearts Crying, by Richard Yates

Hello there. It’s Richard Yates’ birthday today. Bring out the booze. Anyhoo, the following is a love letter to him, wherever he may be. Also, I blab about his novel, Young Hearts Crying. And be warned, for there be little spoilers, haha. Sorry! * Dear Richard Yates, I made sure to finish reading your novel [...]

sunday salon || A Resurgence of Richard Yates

On 01 November 2009, I put up a rambling post of my impression of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road. The post itself ended quite abruptly, no doubt a result of posting it too soon after such an earth’s-axis-bumping read. I don’t think it did the book justice, it didn’t properly express how rattled I felt after [...]