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A little bit of this and that

Why, yes, I forgot I had a book blog. Nothing new, really. Although, after the bibliographic flurry of the last weekend, I came to the startling realization that I had other interests—like, um, a computer game that involves building a Roman city from scratch, and zombies, and Downton Abbey. And, well, I’m not missing reading […]

Not quite an archetype

A quick note about Not Quite a Lady, because, you know, that’s what I’m good for these days. Hah. Haaa. Aherm. Anyway, Loretta Chase’s novel is awesome. That’s a given here. And one of the things that make it awesome—aside from, hey, solidly written characters, their genuine motivations and vivid emotions—not to mention the rightness […]

Finally: Goodbye, July!

I. Well, that month was particularly ghastly—mostly because Real Life came a-calling. And when it does that, things go very silent around here. But not just in the blog, mind you—but my reading life as a whole. No, that wasn’t a reading slump—that was Real Life wresting this little joy away from my cold, hard […]

Reuniting with My Romance Novels

This month, coagulating on the bed sheets, ignoring online responsibilities as well as the mounting stacks of Read This Now books in the house, I reunited with the romance novel. And this month, I read six of them in increasingly greedy gulps. The last time I read a romance novel was August 2010. (And I […]