Three Different Books, Three Different Kinds of Silences I Need to Break

Because sometimes, I don't have the words. And sometimes, what words I have are inadequate. And sometimes, I just want to keep on lying down, with a look of horror / loneliness / disappointment on my face, intent on just letting it all soak in. I like these books, for different reasons -- the emotional [...]

marginalia || A Perfectly Good Family, by Lionel Shriver

This post is a little disjointed. But I'm cashing in my I Can Use This Blog for Bibliophilic Navel-Gazing Card. So, yes. I am mostly talking to myself here: In the early days of this blog, I fell all over myself trying to express how much I loved the author's novel, The Post-Birthday World--that book's [...]

marginalia || The Post-Birthday World, by Lionel Shriver

Previously titled--Too Damn Good I’m Making An Ass Out of Myself in Even Trying to Talk About It: The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver. Nice. The 517 pages that comprise The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver are—to borrow a technical term—pure awesomesauce. The thing is, I really can’t tell you why. And the thing-er thing [...]