Inhaling fluff

Inhaling fluff

If you know you enjoyed a romance novel, but can't fucking remember why you enjoyed a romance novel—can you still actually claim that you enjoyed the romance novel? Do you still have a worthwhile blog post if all the blog post delivers is confusion over forgetting what a romance novel is about? [Continue reading.]

Perchance to giggle?

Because, sometimes, you go against your usual inclinations, if only to give your nerves a much-needed break. Julia Quinn’s Ten Things I Love About You isn’t necessarily a palate-cleanser—that’s too dismissive a description for something so vibrant and witty and fun. But it is affective and giggles-inducing, the latter quality I’ve missed of late. [Then [...]

marginalia || Mr. Cavendish, I Presume, by Julia Quinn

Note: Kind of a low-energy post, I know, but at this point, that strange flu had come back, and everything was getting woozier. I tried very hard to make sense. Just a quick note to say that, well, I have read Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn--the follow-up/companion/semi-clone of The Lost Duke of Wyndham--cozied [...]