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marginalia || Release, by Beth Kery

Are you excited? Because I am. It’s the second of February (well, it was yesterday, but then again, I’m in another part of the world), which means Beth Kery‘s latest novel, Release, has, er, has now been released. The details: His need for her was so absolute, he agreed to share her with another man […]

marginalia || Paradise Rules, by Beth Kery

I’ve been sick since Monday–alternating between a fever and a brain-slushiefying migraine–so I’ve been pretty alone and miserable in the apartment. I just had to share that. Anyway, I revisited Beth Kery—having really really loved her novel, Wicked Burn. I settled down with Paradise Rules, expectations raised because, well, that’s what having read a kick-ass […]

marginalia || Wicked Burn, by Beth Kery

YES, for all that is good and holy, yes. Read this book. Okay. So. I haven’t read erotic romance in a couple of weeks now, so it took me a while to settle down with a book of that genre–mostly because I wanted that renewed immersion to be a rewarding one. Now, I was flipping […]