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Aimless reading, anyone?

Number 07 of my not-quite-resolutions at the start of 2011 reads, “And, if all else fails, read less.” I’ve long ago begun to think that, hell, I could have put in more effort to fulfill that item. This blog would probably less dead that way—see, a lot of books read plus an inability to not […]

Finally: Goodbye, July!

I. Well, that month was particularly ghastly—mostly because Real Life came a-calling. And when it does that, things go very silent around here. But not just in the blog, mind you—but my reading life as a whole. No, that wasn’t a reading slump—that was Real Life wresting this little joy away from my cold, hard […]

On When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

I bought Eloisa James’ When Beauty Tamed the Beast on impulse—I think I was drawn to the flagrantly purple-fuchsia concoction that is its cover. Can you blame me? Anyhoo, the impulse has paid off, and continues to: It’s been weeks since I last read this, and I still keep going back to certain images, certain […]