marginalia || Vanishing and Other Stories, by Deborah Willis

I first talked about Vanishing and Other Stories, the debut collection of Deborah Willis, in this post: “It is, well, about vanishing. About disappearances. About someone leaving. About someone staying, and waiting. About the absent one, and how this presence constantly and continuously haunts the one who’s stayed.” “The stories have this thematic clutch,” I [...]

“. . . the lover’s discourse is today of an extreme solitude.”

Now, absence can only exist as a consequence of the other: it is the other who leaves, it is I who remain. The other is in a condition of perpetual departure, of journeying; the other is, by vocation, migrant, fugitive; I -- I who love, by converse vocation, am sedentary, motionless, at hand, in expectation, [...]