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sunday salon || On to the canon, and other follies

And so I plod on with my own little ambitions—to amass as much of the Classics that I want to read, which involves reading a lot of the Oxford World’s Classics [oh, that unrelenting white spine] and amassing more of NYRB Classics, too [I’ve been shy-stalking the NYRB Classics group on Goodreads, and it’s a treat]. I’ve also just recently bought Proust’s Swann’s Way—partly because of the heathenhood factor, partly because I trust Lydia Davis’ translating prowess. I’ve bought this beautiful annotated and unexpurgated edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray, as well as yet another edition of Jane Eyre. I want to read Frankenstein, too, and Dracula, and Moby-Dick. I’ve bought Anna Karenina, and one of these days, I am taking a deep breath. I want more of Sherlock Holmes. And then there’s Raymond Carver and Richard Yates—we need reunions, we do—them, and Wilfrido Nolledo and Kerima Polotan. I want more of the books people have forgotten over time but are recently rediscovering—it’s not unlike being privy to a great secret, not unlike being part of a movement. I want more dead writers in my shelves, more people-characters that have grown timeless right in my head, were they justly belong. I just want more. [Continue reading.]


sunday salon || Choosing This Darcy

It was on the heels of watching Pride & Prejudice (2005) [starring Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen] that I decided that I would never read Jane Austen’s much-loved novel—at least, not in the foreseeable future. I’ve realized that, after a decade of dipping into the book and testing out the waters, I really do not want […]

sunday salon || Reading the Short Story

Short fiction is, quite possibly, my favorite genre. This is plain personal bias, and the fact that I have been studying the art form and its craft for school—I major in Creative Writing, and fiction is the genre-track I’d chosen. Yes, there’s a pleasure in reading the short story, but I also read short stories […]

sunday salon || A Resurgence of Richard Yates

On 01 November 2009, I put up a rambling post of my impression of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road. The post itself ended quite abruptly, no doubt a result of posting it too soon after such an earth’s-axis-bumping read. I don’t think it did the book justice, it didn’t properly express how rattled I felt after […]

sunday salon || Are Some Books Too Personal? Are Some Books Truly Bad?

A couple of things for this week’s edition of the Sunday Salon: On “personal” books, on “bad” books. The technique of dubious-use-of-words-in-quotation-marks ahead, okidoki? Should I let you know about all the books I read? I received an email from a reader named Camille (and I am posting this with permission to quote her side […]

sunday salon || Taking Stock

A week or so before my twentieth birthday (last September), I settled down to read One Hundred Years of Solitude and Lolita. I stayed up all night with Marquez, and felt like less of a person because I couldn’t finish Nabokov. This year, I swear. But anyhoo, it was with reading these two books that […]

sunday salon || Let Us Breathe Easy

It’s been a busy-busy two weeks. In my last Sunday Salon post, What to Read in the Hospital, I told you guys about my boyfriend’s sister needing surgery for her meningioma. She’s okay now, the operation went off without a hitch, but it’s going to be a slow, difficult recovery—but we’re always hopeful. I’ve been […]

sunday salon || What To Read In The Hospital

Monday, my boyfriend’s sister will be undergoing brain surgery for her meningioma. (Isn’t it odd to assume ownership for things we do not even want? Things we need to be rid off? Her meningioma, his lung cancer, my depression, our jadedness.) The operation will last eight hours, and that’s not counting pre-op, and post-op care. […]

sunday salon || The Remains of the RRReadathon

Well. This will be a quick one, because I’m at a friend’s birthday party, haha. So. Anyway. The RRReadathon came to a close two hours ago. And it was met with so much opposition, hahaha. What you’re going to read for a whole day you do realize that’s a dorky thing to do omg are […]