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The dismals of March—but books!

Books read versus books acquired—the perennial imabalance. March was a craptastic month for reading, and for getting anything remotely related to soothing my inner self done. But. I did buy a lot of books. That is: I seem to have bought a lot of books. I don’t remember. I woke up like this. [Continue reading.]

February 2014 Reads

Here are the books I read in February, which seems to me now to be very long ago. Also: That it seems to have lasted a curiously long time, judging from what I recall with the reading of these books. And it’s not even a goddamned leap year. [Continue reading.]

January 2014 Reads

The above books make up the wee dent I’ve managed to inflict onto my To-Be-Read landmass. Frankly, January was not as enriching a bibliophilic experience as I would have liked—the first books read in the year put up a struggle or bored me to tears. Some books were just myeh, their biggest offense was that they existed for me only to help me pass the time. But, of course, thankfully, there were highlights. [Continue reading.]

03052013: The Unread of February

The “Currently Reading” counter on my Goodreads account has morphed into tally of bibliophilic failures; since the tail-end of January and all throughout February, the books themselves have been shuttling in and out of my bags, on top of desks both at work and at home, beneath my pillows, beside the bed, on the floor, and until recently—in the case of poor Simenon—where I keep my underwear. They’ve gone to and fro Quezon City and the heart of Manila, they’ve sat quietly inside my bag, beside computer cords and my make-up kit and chocolate bars, while I sat through meetings and had dinners both welcome and not. They’ve been opened, marked, closed, then set aside in favor of other books. [Continue reading.]

In Books, January 2013

I seem to be behaving, thus far, this 2013, when it comes to amassing books. Fine, that’s still quite a number up there—and I have obviously rediscovered my fanaticism for good ol’ Steve—but they all came from the trusty, national secondhand bookstore that is Booksale. That is: The consolation is, my wallet didn’t burn as brightly. Because, you know, we really need less wallet-burning around these here parts. Yeah. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of what I bought, and the respective feeble rationalizations for each purchase. [Continue reading.]

October 2011 Reads

Don’t mind me—I’m just going to sneakily slip this in here. For posterity’s sake, as usual. Above is what I managed to read this October. Not in the picture is Milan Kundera’s The Curtain, which, for some reason, refuses to be found. It’s been a strange month for reading material, as usual. My shelves must […]

September 2011 Reads

That was a random picture of random books from my hard drive. Ahem. For posterity’s sake—what follows is the list of books I read this month. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs. Moondogs, by Alexander Yates. The Long Weekend, by Adam David. How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, by Christopher Boucher. Everything […]

August 2011 Reads

I really need to figure out what to do with this blog. Mostly about the fact that I tend to disappear for long stretches of time, armed with books or otherwise. Gah. Anyway. Sasha, for posterity’s sake, here’s what you read this month. Oh, wait, annoyingly enough, the books I am yet to write about […]

Finally: Goodbye, July!

I. Well, that month was particularly ghastly—mostly because Real Life came a-calling. And when it does that, things go very silent around here. But not just in the blog, mind you—but my reading life as a whole. No, that wasn’t a reading slump—that was Real Life wresting this little joy away from my cold, hard […]

June 2011 Reads

June was busy. Like May. But the stark difference is my sense of accomplishment: I managed to post my thoughts on the books I neglected to talk about last month, in addition to the handful of books I read this month. Happy dance. Happier dance because of the books pictured below, I liked a lot […]