Reading Weekend

Just checking in before I get cracking on blogging duties. Also, excuse the apparent lack of imagination with the picture above [compared to those here]—just think, rightly, that I never left my bed, only turning over once in a while to get the cricks out of my joints.

So, yeah, that stack was what happened. The bottom three books were read the day before the Readathon [because I couldn’t help it]—mostly finishing up unread stories in collections. And then, and then, the Readathon books themselves: the Bauby memoir, the Eugenides extravaganza, and the Atwood social-statement-disquised-as-myth-retelling. Yes. And then, and then, I fell asleep with the de Botton right when the 19th hour tolled, but I went on reading, because it would’ve been Monday in a couple of hours, and y’all know how much I like to pretend that Monday won’t ever be coming. Aherm.

Yep. Just checking in. See ye soon, folks!



  1. Oooh..enjoy! I’m quite partial to the Euginedes

  2. oh my gulay! this post made me giddy! miss you,love. how’d you like the barbery and de botton? :)

    1. I didn’t get to read the Barbery pa. Re the de Botton, right now, I think I really like On Love more, haha. That one had more heart, methinks.

  3. Oh I loved The Marriage Plot, what did you think?

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on The Marriage Plot. I’ve started looking forward to your posts so much that I read your blog at work when I’m supposed to be, you know, working. LOL.


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