Oh, the ambitious!

The 24-Hour-Readathon is this Saturday, and I am excited pants. I’ve usually bowed out in the past two years, usually because real life got in the way—but, dammit, since the past couple of weeks, real life has been all up in my business, I will read my way through the weekend.

Here in my sunny little archipelago, the Readathon begins at 10 on Saturday evening, to end 10 on Sunday evening. [Or, well, I hope my computation’s right, haha.] Perfect for this night owl, and I am so excited, I could cry. I’ve been trudging through this past workweek, knowing that the Readathon is waiting for me at its close. Wee. And I am just about to tell everyone I am in speaking terms with to, you know, not speak to me at all for those 24 hours.

Pictured above are some of the books I’ve been reading for a while now—usually, I picked them up and read a pinch of pages, then got distracted by something shiny. Makes sense that I would read them during the Readathon: Finish the stories unread from the collections [UPDATE: Um. Oops, I just finished reading Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang about an hour ago. Heh.]; make progress with at least one of the novels (Eugenides looking tasty as ever, though I wonder why I set down the de Botton about a week ago); and return to the art books I dipped into (also, pictures!).

Yeah, that’s the sensible route. But I’ve spent the past couple of days cheering myself up by making lists of books that have long been in my shelves, books I want to finally read, yummy books. I’ve been pulling books from my shelves, making neat stacks, only to change my mind and begin all over again.

So, below, the books I shouldn’t even get too close to:

Heh. But, again, wee! I will be reading until it’s fun—probably the moment right before I want to puke out words. Mmmm, wordvomit. Okay. Um. Yes. See you soon, and keep us company?



  1. Jillian ♣ · · Reply

    I joined too! Have fun Saturday!!

    (Ha! I only have two books on my list! I’m a slacker.) :P

  2. I love your book piles! I have what’s probably a ridiculously big pile too, since i’m working saturday, at the theatre sat evening and have family around at some point… I’m determined to read as much as possible between all these things, though!

    Good luck! :-)

  3. I’m so looking forward to the readathon as well. I love all the piles of books appearing on book blogs here and there, it feels like everyone is getting so excited :)
    Happy reading!!

  4. I’ve never been able to participate in a readathon because we ALWAYS have people in town or are out of town when they happen… as we will be this weekend. Somehow I don’t think Tony will be too crazy about me foresaking his birthday weekend in order to hole myself up all antisocial like in order to read for 24-hours instead. Even if we will be in Kentucky and he’ll be plying himself with bourbon…

    And why did you put down the de Botton? All the better to make it last, I suspect!

  5. Jennifer · · Reply

    Oh man, the Read-a-thon sounds like a really cool event! Have fun!

  6. I am so excited for the readathon! I wish I had The Marriage Plot!

  7. I love your stack of books. Happy reading!

  8. Wow didn’t know there is such a thing as a read-a-thon.
    Have fun Sasha!!! :)

  9. Such a great pile of books, makes me feel guilty at just wanting to finish the one I’m reading sometime in the next few days. Have a great readathon.

    Louise, CheerTrix

  10. CHEERS for a fabulous readathon!
    -Care aka Bkclubcare aka on twitter: @BkClubCare
    Team CheerTRIX

  11. buriedinprint · · Reply

    Great selection: something for every reading mood. Enjoy!
    Cheering for you from Team Trix

  12. I’ve been meaning to join the readathon but like you, real life takes over. One day I WILL join.

    On another note, I see some favorites from your other pile: Flipped and Love Walked In. :) Can’t wait to read what you think about them when you finally get around to reading them. :)

  13. Wish I could join you… unfortunately, I have drowned in real life! Maybe next time.

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