September 2011 Reads

That was a random picture of random books from my hard drive. Ahem. For posterity’s sake—what follows is the list of books I read this month.

What’s more striking about it is after the first four books, generally a different kind of experience for me, I snuggled up to the Van Booy—another recent release, yes—hoping for something more conventional [after all, the first four are nothing but], but, ultimately, the book and I just didn’t jive. “I hate it,” I told Nash, who’d finished reading it four days ahead of me. And Nash said, “I don’t. Just half of it.”

But Simon Mawer’s novel? It’s restored my faith in humanity, haha. At the very least, it’s reaffirmed the fact that there will always be books that are, for me, worth staying up into the wee hours of the morning for. Books so expansive and generous and just so goddamned gorgeous, books that remind you that this, this is why you like reading books: the morning-after, waking in your suddenly too-big bed, looking at the novel snug beside you, and smiling. I think that it all went steadily uphill from that book.

And to think that this time last month, I was thinking of shelving the whole shoddy enterprise that is my musty ol’ book blog.


Currently reading: Still spending time with Herr Voss and Laura and the wastelands of 19th-century Australia. Also, Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. Currently considering: I have been feeling the urge to make friends with [conquer?] Moby-Dick. Also, The House of MirthCurrently trying to strangle: A post on Simon Mawer, a post on an atlas of depression, a post on the extreme solitude of A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments. Currently dreading: The coming workweek.

4 thoughts on “September 2011 Reads

    1. Still very much daunted! In the meantime, hell, to gird my loins, I’m reading The Whale by Philip Hoare. On one hand, it’s an ode to Melville’s creature, on the other, it’s all-around whale love.

      I think that I’ll definitely read Moby-Dick next year.

  1. I hate workweek! Why can’t we just read all day or sleep and read all night? It’s tragic. Starting Glass Houses on Wednesday because if I start now, I know I won’t sleep. Flipped through certain pages and died over the beauty of the language and the exchange between the characters. Aww, sorry you hated Van Booy’s latest. I still stand by my answer. Will prepare a post for that and also, you’ll be sad to note that I spent money again! I saw Secret Lives of People in Love and did not think twice. :( [what is self-control?] See you this week? —And no, there shall be no shelving of the book blog, okay?

    1. I want to talk with you about Mawer as extensively as we’ve had with Van Booy. That said, if you end up not liking The Glass House, friendship over na tayo, hahaha. <3


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