The First Filipino Reader Conference, Kids!

Sasha is about to crawl out of the cave nestled snug in her TBR Mountain Range. Into something as overwhelmingly, deliciously bookish—the Manila International Book Fair. Da-dum-dum!

It’s the 32nd installment of the MIBF, but I only started going in earnest four years ago. The usual scenario: Me, usually stumbling victorious from the twin sales of National Bookstore and Powerbooks [like this, for example], I would scuttle into the SMX Convention Center, where it always seemed like the sale-madness had never ended. Piles and mounds and little hillocks of books across ginormous floors, sequestered into booths-by-the-publisher. Beyond the deals, however, beyond yet another attack of ze temptationz, it’s a great venue to discover locally published books, since the major Philippine publishing houses, including the scrumptullecent university presses, are among the usual suspects.

Oh, there is also the fact that you just have to stand back at not only the sheer wealth of books in the venue—it’s staggering how many people there are, trying to surreptitiously elbow people aside, some of them just wandering the aisles, a beatific smile on their faces. Probably the same goofy expression on my face when I’m not Rambo-spelunking for books.

This year’s MIBF is going to be extra, well, extra-peopled for me. I started this blog because I was wanting a community of dorktastic readers to snuggle with—on the 14th of September, officially, I’m going to have to take this blog out into the real world, to go full-snuggle with the local reading community. All of whom I have not seen in person. Yes. [Then again, isn’t that the natural consequence of blogging in one’s pajamas?]

So, yes. Two days from now, I am going to sneak away from work and into the terrifying embrace of Public Speaking: Me, and Sasha & The Silverfish, will be sitting in a panel on The First Filipino Reader Conference, particularly the discussion on The Why and How of Book Blogging—where, terror of terrors, we’ve got to talk to people. About blogging, which is always self-indulgent and, thus, loads of fun. And about books, which is, ya know, The AwesomeSauce. Here’s the program:

It was an honor to have been invited, and I am really, really tickled that I’d be chosen from the legion of Filipino book bloggers out there. Even though the happy feelings are slowly fading, being replaced by one of dread: I have to raise my head from a book and talk to people—and, egad, I might have to be required to make eye contact. [I can do this, I can.]

Aherm. Nah, kidding aside, if you could come, please do so; we at PinoyReaderCon would love to have you there. Nothing’s dorkier than a knobby-kneed collective of  Say hi to the tall girl with curly hair and the look of abject terror in her eyes. I’ll be handing out Post-it notes with my deets in lieu of business cards. And please don’t be offended if I bolt toward a shiny, shiny book.

5 thoughts on “The First Filipino Reader Conference, Kids!

  1. I would give a lot to be there, but it is a long long time to travel.

    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful day with lots of books and other bloggers :)

    1. On the hopes na hindi mo na ‘to mababasa kasi this was a month ago: CRUSH NA KITA ALDRIN TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. The memory of your toyo-stained pants still makes my heart flutter. Aherm.

  2. Aaaah, that’s exciting! I wish I could be there. It sounds like an interesting conference! Hope you have a blast today. :)

  3. Sasha! I sat in on your talk and everything but I wasn’t able to meet you! :)

    I was a couple of seats away when you got back to your seat.

    Hope to finally meet you next time you attend an FBB meetup :)


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