August 2011 Reads

I really need to figure out what to do with this blog. Mostly about the fact that I tend to disappear for long stretches of time, armed with books or otherwise. Gah. Anyway. Sasha, for posterity’s sake, here’s what you read this month. Oh, wait, annoyingly enough, the books I am yet to write about are the books that so wowed and moved me. Lots of catching up to do, me:

4 thoughts on “August 2011 Reads

  1. Hello Sasha,

    I am here to tell you, and please listen?, don’t leave the blog. I’ll miss you terribly.

    Also, I always save books I loved the most to write about the last. It is why I never got around to so many books I loved last year. I am trying to be better this year, but they are the hardest to write about.


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