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April 2011 Reads

April has been a strange month for me, as some of you have noticed. Blogging was dismal, I only crawled toward the internet to look at pictures of baby bunnies, and basically suffered days of Ugh, what are you doing with your life. In fact, my note-taking, too, has suffered during this blog’s Existentialist Wasteland […]

Summer NYRBs

April is the usual [hello, global warming] start of the summer here in the Philippines. I’d know, though, regardless of any calendar—the daily twenty-minute walk from the office to the train station has me wishing I could rub against an ice cube doing the mambo. One of the things that the season [one of blasted […]

Commitment Issues

Sadly, I’ve always thought that big, fat books were so right up my alley, to the extent that I’d welcome spending days and days and days with a single tome. Sure, I guess: Growing up with the increasingly fatter Harry Potters, the Terry Goodkind epics, the—oh, hell, what else? Fat books haven’t been part of […]

Reuniting with My Romance Novels

This month, coagulating on the bed sheets, ignoring online responsibilities as well as the mounting stacks of Read This Now books in the house, I reunited with the romance novel. And this month, I read six of them in increasingly greedy gulps. The last time I read a romance novel was August 2010. (And I […]

Since I Last Saw You

I have been reading. And the guilt of having temporarily abandoned this blog has waned enough to allow me to return to it. The above books were some of my attempts to get back on “track”—I’ve finished them all, am pleased with them, but then [to keep up with the tiresome navel-gazing I’ve been prone […]

Hello, from the Glittery Land of Lazy Bloggers

I hereby drag myself out of the muck of the Glittery Land of Lazy Bloggers to publish this post. Although I love this space—after more than a year, still trying to figure out how to wiggle around here, actually—I do hate feeling like blogging is a job, egads and when the thought of attempting to […]

Egads, Moral Responsibilities?

I. Mark Athitakis recently wrote a tidy post that manages to cover the too[?]-enthusiastic critical reception of Téa Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife, whether negative reviews have proven to be a dying breed, and the moral responsibilities of book reviewers—which bore, in the comments section, a thread about female Philippine writers, and what responsibilities female Philippine […]