August 2010 Reads

It’s been a trying month for reading: I read on the train, squished between commuters and the hydraulic doors; hanging out at the office pantry; the wee hours of the morning when night terrors come a-knocking. Phooey. I wanted to read, and some silly little thing like bed time or late for work isn’t going to stop me. Ahem. So. These are the books I’ve read, and reviewed, thought about, puzzled over, la-dee-dah — this merry month of August:

  1. Beside the Sea, by Véronique Olmi.
  2. Wish Her Safe at Home, by Stephen Benatar.
  3. A Study in Scarlet, by Arthur Conan Doyle.
  4. Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton.
  5. Vanishing and Other Stories, by Deborah Willis.
  6. Stone in a Landslide, by Maria Barbal.
  7. Newspaper Blackout, by Austin Kleon.
  8. The Sorrows of an American, by Siri Hustvedt.
  9. A Vindication of Love: Reclaiming Romance for the Twenty-first Century, by Christina Nehring. [Random Thoughts #01] [Random Thoughts #02]
  10. Ruthless, by Anne Stuart. [Just A Glance.]
  11. The Mountain Lion, by Jean Stafford.
  12. Reckless, by Anne Stuart. [Just A Glance.]
  13. Breathless, by Anne Stuart. [Just A Glance.]
  14. Libertine’s Kiss, by Judith James.

I think the best part of being pressed for time is that I’ve been more careful of what books I ought to devote myself to. Because sometimes it works, sometimes it just doesn’t. That might be common sense for the rest of the world, but I’ve always been that idiot who’s writhing in agony to finish a book she’s deemed bad a quarter in — even if it involves skimming. It’s a compulsion. That said, I’m hopeful that the books I’ve set aside for the time being — Mikhail Bulgakov, Anne Brontë, Monique Roffey — will kick my ass when I do pick them up again. I mean, I want to read these books. And I will, eventually. Ah, the epiphatree: It just doesn’t need to be painful the next time around. Or ever.

[01] The lovely Carina has a spanking new book blog, the jauntily titled Book Report. Her latest post, for all ye The Hunger Games fans out there, contain her thoughts on Mockingjay. Run, kids, run.

[02] I’ve been planning on devoting a chunk of September — and October, I’m sure — to short fiction. I’ve lined up the short story collections I’ve neglected, or those that have been months-too-long in the Currently Reading side of the floor. Excited for this, and frankly, Sasha, it’s about damned time. I’ll post more on this when September is officially in place. ExcitedPants!

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