BBAW: The First Step to World Domination

Last September, I wrote my first post, and followed that up days later with a moratorium of my experiences reading Lolita and One Hundred Years of Solitude. This was probably the latter end, or maybe just a few days after, last year’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week. This blog’s existence owes a lot to the event — I discovered a lot of crazy-awesome book blogs, found a lot of book-love, and decided to jump in. Wee. So. It’s a little full-circle-ish that I register for BBAW this year. Jump in too.

So, blabbing aside, here are my entries for consideration. I am registering for Best Literary Fiction Book Blog.

And, well, Best-Written Book Blog and — since I’m new here in these parts — Best New Book Blog. [And yes, the whole Best thing still feels weird. I like to pretend I’m modest.] [Can’t we just have the the latter featured category cull from a combination of these posts? There’s too much Linky-Whoa.]

On Twitter, I’ve expressed my iffiness about signing up for an award. It’s just weird, haha. But there have been clarifications about the self-nomination process: Kids, we’re basically registering for BBAW, and this post here’s for the judges’ consideration. Think of it as a seminar where you have to write your deets on a Guest Book, and guess what, if you look under your seat, you just might go home with something! [Okay, fail analogy, but you get the gist.]

Now. Back to regular programming.

10 thoughts on “BBAW: The First Step to World Domination

    1. I’m glad people on Twitter hastened to assure me there’s nothing arrogant and self-lauding about the thing. I understand the rationale behind it, too, especially compared the last year’s process.

      Anyhoo, good luck to you and me, and everyone else! :]

  1. Hi Sasha. Twiggy not-so-twiggy-anymore here. Continue what you’re doing. I’ll subscribe to your blog ha.

    1. TWIGGY! :) Hope you’re okay. And thanks for reading me here. :) Nakakagulat pa rin pag may kakilala ako na nagbabasa ng blog na ‘to, hee.

      PS – My favorite pair of pants don’t fit me anymore, haha.


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