elsewhere || “The Missteps of Lorrie Moore, Literary Hero” at POC-Metakritiko

My review of A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore is up on the Metakritiko section of The Philippine Online Chronicles. It’s part of an [bleep]-word essay called “The Missteps of Lorrie Moore, Literary Hero,” and has been divided in two because we want to be considerate of the TL;DR crowd. Aherm. So. The first part’s a backgrounder on my literary relationship with La Lorrie. Excerpt follows:

[E]very moment of bewilderment, to this die-hard fan, is akin to seeing one’s beloved aunt getting drunk in a seedy bar, insisting on dancing topless at countertops. That, or seeing aforementioned beloved aunt throwing away her tunics and Jesus sandals to live a relatively torpid existence at some lakeside. Either way, the missteps in A Gate at the Stairs—and there are many, despite my resolve to try not to take notice of them—hurt. They hurt a lot.

And then the second part is actually the (more-or-less) full review of the novel. A note, though: Since the essay’s more analytical than anything, there’s a widdle spoiler at the bottom. So there. A snippet:

That’s how Moore reveals: Patch by patch, section by section. Fragments of the human condition is revealed, but not without some smears and smudges. The haphazardness isn’t even conscious—This is what Tassie is, this is how things are revealed to Tassie. The authorial power is muted. The form of novel takes a backseat toTassie’s story. In A Gate at the Stairs, Tassie Keltjin is in control.

Take a look-see, if y’all are so inclined. Also, some of the reviews are going to be sent that-a-way. Once I get off my lazy ass & actually start writing them. But I’m too busy reading. Hee.

4 thoughts on “elsewhere || “The Missteps of Lorrie Moore, Literary Hero” at POC-Metakritiko

  1. A properly published review! *gasp*
    Funny, How to be an Other Woman was my first Lorrie Moore too that made me want to read more of her works (though it just happened to me this year, not when I was 17 :)

    1. Thanks, Mee. I was lucky enough that they took a chance with me. :)

      And “How to be an Other Woman” just draws you in, doesn’t it? I have this guy friend who read Self-Help and fell in love with her too–it’s definitely not a “woman” thing [just a thought!].


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