book dump || You’ve Been A Very Very Bad Girl, Sasha – pt. 01

These are the books I have, erm, acquired in the past two months–from a lot of different places, a lot of different people. I would like to thank The Boss Boss for hiring a young, upstart writer, and letting her have her wicked way with books. Aherm. It’s difficult, but I do occasionally remind myself to leave a certain book on the bookstore shelf so I can eat me some dinner. Hee.

Anyway. These are the books I have read, so far. [And yes, you know that there’s another post coming, which features the books I am yet to read. Not sorry at all. Sheepish, maybe. But not sorry at all.]

That is all for now. I shall come back soon. [Also, if you want to see how this book stack compares with gigantic moi, please head on over here.]

8 thoughts on “book dump || You’ve Been A Very Very Bad Girl, Sasha – pt. 01

    1. Have you heard of Toot & Puddle? One of my favorite children’s series books. The watercolors are amazing, about these two little pigs. :) I heard it was turned into a kids’ show in the States, and they came out with books with the show’s characters as illustrations. But the original Hollie Hobbie watercolors and storylines are just lovely. :)


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