marginalia || Mr. Cavendish, I Presume, by Julia Quinn

Note: Kind of a low-energy post, I know, but at this point, that strange flu had come back, and everything was getting woozier. I tried very hard to make sense.

Just a quick note to say that, well, I have read Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn–the follow-up/companion/semi-clone of The Lost Duke of Wyndham–cozied up to it one slow afternoon at a Starbucks. And, well, it was kind of a let-down. Darn it.

I love Quinn, I have always loved Quinn–I mean, Bridgertons for the win–but I’m clear-headed enough to know that this is not her best. Le sigh. So it’s a companion to Jack and Grace’s story–but, well, even if this book’s supposed to show us Thomas and Amelia’s side of the story and (more importantly) their romance, I felt that it was still largely about Jack and Grace. [I read that book months ago, and I don’t really wish to go back to it just to compare and contrast, harhar, lazehbones.] It was more about finding out who the darned Duke of Wyndham was. It was more about Thomas’ identity, how he had to come to grips with all the paradigm shifting and the existentialist questions hurled his way.

There was a mandatory, taken-for-granted feel to the romance between Thomas and Amelia. Oh, it had it’s good moments–but mostly, well, Amelia’s character was set aside so for “more important matters” that of course the romance suffered. I liked Amelia, but there wasn’t enough of her to actually make the romance credible. Or swoon-worthy. (Although Quinn did try to catch up in the end, however abrupt that felt.)

It all appeared like Thomas and Amelia as a couple were nothing compared to the bigger issue that was the Dukedom. And wasn’t this book supposed to prove otherwise?

Come on, Quinn. Make me lurve you silly again.

* * *

Also. For a more definitive and happy cheesecake-laden  comparative review of the two books, head on over to the Smart Bitches’ place. They did this a while back, and I kept my eyes averted (as then, I’d only read Jack Audley’s story). I’ve been looking at it, comparing notes, nodding at some places, and well, they make much more sense than I can muster at the moment. So scoot.

And lastly. Hot damn but who is that man in the cover? He is teh yummies.


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