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A week or so before my twentieth birthday (last September), I settled down to read One Hundred Years of Solitude and Lolita. I stayed up all night with Marquez, and felt like less of a person because I couldn’t finish Nabokov. This year, I swear. But anyhoo, it was with reading these two books that I decided, hey, why not a book blog? Not a review blog, or—god forbid—a place where I can call myself a literary critic, but a place where I would keep track of my books, why I liked them or not, whether I enjoyed reading them—basically just sharing the reader-reading experience to anyone who’d want to tune in.

And a lot of you do. A modest number, this a lot, but it thrills me nonetheless. I’ve met strangers as passionate about reading (and now we’re fwends, haha), I’ve discovered so many good books, corresponded with authors whose work I admire. Thanks, all of you—new bloggers for making this new trek into the intarwebz fun (I’m talking to you, Ash!), and established bloggers who are always friendly, helpful, and supportive. (In fact, it was the blogs of Claire, Teresa, J.S. Peyton, and—for some home court flavor—Blooey that finally convinced me to post my first entry.)

And there are people I know in real life who tell me they like what I’m doing, and that never fails to make my day brighter. Kael, for one, a kick-ass poet, a friend who’s given me free reign over his massive book collection (who has complained why I never seem to give good “grades” on the books of his that I feature here). Carina, who is pure awesomesauce (this entry made me go OMG SWEET), and has been here since almost the very start—my favorite moment was when she checked whether the use toothbrushes in one romance novel was historically accurate. And Nash, who floored me with her comment, and her blog entry.

All you guys are fantastic for encouraging my dorktastic ways. Yes, I’m being a tad sentimental, haha. Yes, I want to hug you all. I always thought this would be a solitary thing, sharing my reading, as my reading is. Thanks, guys, for the company.

* * *

Some notes, y’all:

  • My first read of the year—of the decade!—was The Fiction Class by Susan Breen. I love this book, enjoyed it very much. As I wrote in my post on the book, I’m thankful to the forces that be and Miss Breen for heralding the year. Your book made me feel good. And, Universe, thanks for pushing that book in my hands.
  • Last year was a good reading year—I’ve posted my Best Reads of 2009 a couple of days ago, and I’m glad to see there’s a sizeable number of books that I not only loved, but I know I’ll love forever. At this point, this reading blog has just enhanced the reading experience for me. Don’t let me explain that, because we’ll never stop.
  • I’ve joined three reading challenges—Awesome Authors Challenge 2010, GLBT Challenge 2010, and 2010 Bibliophilic Books Challenge. I joined them because they’d include books that have been forever in my TBR Land Mass, books I tend to read, books I’ve always wanted to read. Is it cheating that I chose to join challenges tailor-made to my reading habits, only stretching stuff a little (like, say, discovery of new authors I have a feeling I’ll like anyway)? No? Good.
  • I need to cull my bookshelves. I really need to. I’ve decided to keep only books I like, books I really really want to keep, books I’ll take with me when another freak flood comes barging in. I’ve actually been giving away books to people I know. That said, if anyone wants to strike a deal, maybe we could swap some? Just a thought.
  • I’m reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao right now. I am loving it so far, but either I finish it real soon, or put it back in the shelf–school’s back this Tuesday for me, and that’s never a nice thing. Buwahahaha. Yech.

Yay. Happy New Year, everyone. Happy New Decade. Stay with me, y’hear? Haha, hugs!

8 thoughts on “sunday salon || Taking Stock

  1. Wow! I had no idea I had any role in helping you decide to start your book blog. I’m honored!

    And I’m also counting on you to help me decide what my next Richard Yates should be–if I ever get through the 200+ books in my TBR pile :-)

    1. Hi, Teresa. I’m blushing right now, haha. Still–thank you. :)

      And. Just give me a nudge when you decide to ignore Massive TBR for just. one. more. book. :p [I just got Young Hearts Crying a few days ago, and I’m waiting for “the right time” to begin it, haha.]

  2. Glad I can help make things fun! I was voted Most Fun to Be Around in the senior poll in high school, one of my many accomplishments (har har). All of the reading challenges I joined are tailored to things I would already read, I’m not really challenging myself either. And Nabokov is impossible. It took me forever to finish Lolita, so don’t fret.

    1. Crap. I don’t think I was voted anything in high school. There was a memorable time when most of my graduating class bitched about me “reading too much” and put me on a temporary ostracism–GAH. But that’s neither here nor there, haha.

      With Nabokov, I still find myself thinking, “Darn it, Sash, you just have a hundred pages to go!” But. Sigh.

  3. Rrrrrecommending for the new year: Lolita audio book (unabridged), read by Jeremy Irons! Man, I could listening to ANYTHING in that voice *sigh*. Oops getting week in the knees now ;)

    1. I have a copy, but hesitate about listening to it. I’ve never gotten the knack of audio books; I always don’t know what exactly I’m supposed to do while the player is telling me a story. :p Maybe I’ll get the hang of it soon.

      Happy New Year! :]

  4. I saw this when you posted this and I still can’t believe I was one of the people who inspired you to start blogging. Are you sure you have the right person? Lol. If that’s true, then I glad I could help! Your blog is definitely a great addition to the book blogging family!!!


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