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Good Job 2009

These are the books I’m damned glad I read this year. I think. See, I usually keep a file of the books I read for the year, but my evil hard drive ate 2009’s. Which absolutely sucks. Anyway, these are my favorite reads of the past year. Off the top of my head. I mean, […]

book dump || New Year Haul

Ta-dah. Aren’t they pretty? New Year Haul! I didn’t get anything for Christmas–nothing at all, haha–and so my mother let me loose in a bookstore to get these babies (since I wasn’t getting that Moleskine planner after all). Young Hearts Crying, by Richard Yates. The Short Stories, by Ernest Hemingway. The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, […]

reading challenge || 2010 Bibliophilic Books Challenge

A couple of days ago, a new reading challenge popped up in the intarwebz, and I really really want to join it–it’s the 2010 Bibliophilic Books Challenge. Which is a challenge about reading books about books or reading. Which is timely, but not quite. I’ve been crushing on Nick Hornby (see here, and here), and […]

sunday salon || Let Us Breathe Easy

It’s been a busy-busy two weeks. In my last Sunday Salon post, What to Read in the Hospital, I told you guys about my boyfriend’s sister needing surgery for her meningioma. She’s okay now, the operation went off without a hitch, but it’s going to be a slow, difficult recovery—but we’re always hopeful. I’ve been […]

marginalia || The Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowler

Appropriate subtitle? Reading About People Reading Jane Austen (Without Having Read Jane Austen Myself). We are getting quite meta here, aren’t we? So, some clarifications are in order: [1] Yes, I saw the movie first, stumbled upon it on HBO one slow evening. Yes, I loved it to bits, and I think I fell in love […]

book dump || BookSale Spelunking

Wednesday. The Boyfriend and I went to a mall late afternoon, when all was relatively quiet in the hospital. A much-needed break. In the mall, we went to two places—National Bookstore (which was packed with people doing their shopping, and I couldn’t really buy anything there, it was just so expensive at full price, haha) […]

marginalia || What Was Lost, by Catherine O’Flynn

A quick sharing of my impressions on What Was Lost, by Catherine O’Flynn—and I suppose this in itself is reflective of how the reading experience was for me. So. The blurb, because you know how I just suck at summaries: In the 1980s, Kate Meaney—“Top Secret” notebook and toy monkey in tow—is hard at work […]

In The Company Of Hornby

So. As you can see, I gave in to temptation—to overwhelming need—and got myself the other two compilations of Nick Hornby’s Believer column—The Polysyllabic Spree and Shakespeare Wrote for Money. It was quite serendipitous, actually; the Universe was smiling down on me. I found a lightly battered (what a strange phrase for a strange condition) […]

sunday salon || What To Read In The Hospital

Monday, my boyfriend’s sister will be undergoing brain surgery for her meningioma. (Isn’t it odd to assume ownership for things we do not even want? Things we need to be rid off? Her meningioma, his lung cancer, my depression, our jadedness.) The operation will last eight hours, and that’s not counting pre-op, and post-op care. […]

Bibliophilic Purgatory

I don’t usually believe in reading slumps. Which may just give me a clue as to how the dinosaurs felt when that first meteor made an arc in the sky—“What? The end of the world? By fiery rocks? What the hell, Bob?” I don’t know what to read. I really don’t know what to read. […]