reading challenge || 12.05 Read-A-Thon

I thought I couldn’t do it. But the postponement of the exhibit’s a many-splendored blessing. Because now I can join the Read-A-Thon hosted by Bethany over at Dreadlock Girl. Wahoo. Read-A-Thon starts on 5th of December, at 6am PST (Seattle, Washington, Vancouver). I’m in the Philippines, so I’ll have to do a little math. Yech. I’m excigamated. I’ve always been a fast reader, haha. So yay, yes? Yes. Anyway, I’m all set. Never mind schoolwork. Bah. The books I might be reading this Saturday will come from this list (of course, it’s subject to change; I might come to my senses and pick thinner books, haha) (of course, I can’t read ALL of them):

  1. Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living, by Carrie Tiffany.
  2. Her Last Death, by Susanna Sonnenberg.
  3. No One Belongs Here More Than You, by Miranda July.
  4. Valentines, by Olaf Olafsson.
  5. Daughters of the Vicar, by D.H. Lawrence.
  6. Fanny Hill, by John Cleland.
  7. Proof of Seduction, by Courtney Milan. Crap, I just read it. And it’s good. :)
  8. Autumn in Scotland, by Karen Ranney.
  9. Holidays Are Hell, by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Vicki Pettersson and Marjorie M. Liu.

And, to banish their perpetual “Currently Reading” status:

  1. A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, by Amy Bloom.
  2. My Mistress’ Sparrow is Dead: Great Love Stories from Chekhov to Munro, by edited by Jeffrey Eugenides.
  3. Once Again to Zelda: The Stories Behind Literature’s Most Intriguing Dedications, by Marlene Wagman-Geller.
  4. The Book That Changed My Life: 71 Remarkable Writers Celebrate the Books That Matter Most to Them, edited by Roxanne J. Coady and Joy Johannessen.

UPDATE01: Aaand Bethany helps us get ready for the Read-A-Thon!

12 thoughts on “reading challenge || 12.05 Read-A-Thon

    1. Haha, ain’t that cooool? :)

      I just saw your reply to my comment on your blog (I’ve been scatterbrained today), and I’d like to give away some books, but, well, GAH, paying for postage is a problem for me right now — and, I’m in the Philippines, :(

  1. I read “giving away some books” and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. *Me please!* :)
    I was just thinking that I wanted to give away some books too, maybe you’d be interested in a swap? What are your types? (I also have some LGBT anthologies/shor t story collections, if you like that)
    :) Yay!

    1. Hi! :) Ooooh, swap. :) I like literary fiction–and yeah, short story collections. :) The LGBT books would be perfect for the challenges.

  2. I haven’t read any of those, but they sound enjoyable!

    I do that too…I’ll set aside a book for something like the Read-a-thon, and then end up reading it early.

    Happy reading!

    1. When I first posted books for the RRReadathon, I set them aside–but ended up reading them, haha. Some books I read weren’t in the original list. :p

  3. I’m putting off all my schoolwork until tomorrow for the readathon. Finals? Who needs finals? (I actually did a lot of homework during the week so I think I’ll be okay). I love your blogs layout by the way if I haven’t said it before. :)

    1. Thanks, Ash. :D I did all my homework too, and told people, “Saturday to Sunday’s booked. I’m reading!” And they called me a dork, and I nodded, haha. :D

  4. I love the header image you have for your blog, very cool.

    Good luck today on the read-a-thon. I haven’t read any of the books on your list! Crazy! Hope you have fun reading them though. :)

  5. It makes me feel so much better about myself to know that there are other people out there who have books lingering on their “Currently Reading” lists. Knowing that you’re actually going to DO something about it is inspiring!


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